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13.000 empty chairs for refugees

Berlin – The Club “Pier“Today, with 13.000 empty chairs in front of the Bundestag, points to the plight of many refugees who have already reached Europe.

The “Moria” refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos represents the problems of European refugee policy like no other place. Less than ten kilometers of open water separates the island in the Gulf of Edremit from Turkey. Refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other crisis areas around the world arrive there. For many, the journey then doesn't continue. The Moria camp and the island of Lesbos are completely overcrowded. Families camp in inhumane conditions in the hope of a better life.

"13.000 people are stuck in Moria under the worst conditions. The deadly coronavirus has broken out in the camp and thousands are in acute danger. At the same time, hundreds of municipalities and many federal states want to take in people, but are not allowed to. We have space! Evacuate the camps!” – is the message from the activists to Federal Interior Minister Seehofer (CSU), who repeatedly blocks the acceptance of refugees by willing municipalities.

The 13.000 empty chairs in front of the Bundestag, which Chancellor Angela Merkel can also see from her office, represent these 13.000 people. 

The action runs until the evening of September 07.09.2020th, 17, the rally will take place at XNUMX p.m.