Report: Violent neo-Nazis secured AfD event

Photo: AfD logo at the federal party conference (archive), via dts news agency

Berlin (dts) – At the so-called “alternative book fair” organized by the AfD network “Idearium” last weekend, militant neo-Nazis from the “kampfgemeinschaft Cottbus” were apparently employed as security forces. This is what photos from the Research Nord collective are supposed to show, as “Spiegel” reports.

Two of the men are said to have worn clothing from a neo-Nazi label run by members of the “kampfgemeinschaft”. There is a T-shirt in the range with the portrait of a man who the NSDAP adored. The organizer of the book fair was Thorsten Weiß, deputy parliamentary group leader of the AfD in the Berlin House of Representatives.

According to the Brandenburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution 2023, the “Combat Community” is a “loose group of right-wing extremists from the violent hooligan, martial arts, security and bouncer milieu.” For them, martial arts stands for “defensiveness and the fight against political opponents”.

When asked, Weiß wrote: “The security company was recommended to me by third parties,” he was not familiar with it, and he also did not know whether the allegations made were true. The “alternative book fair” took place in a pub on the border from Berlin to Brandenburg. Photos and videos afterwards show stands of organizations from the right-wing extremist and identitarian AfD environment, and there were also panel discussions with the participation of AfD members such as the Brandenburg parliamentary group leader Hans-Christoph Berndt or the European election candidate Tomasz Froelich. Actually, 150 guests should be able to come per day. Left-wing activists had probably outwitted the ticket allocation process and made incorrect reservations.