Daniela Klette is no longer in solitary confinement

Photo: Place of arrest of former RAF terrorist Daniela Klette (archive), via dts news agency

Vechta (dts) - The Vechta correctional facility has relaxed the prison conditions for the former RAF terrorist Daniela Klette. Among other things, according to a report in “Spiegel”, the prison management has lifted the isolation for the 65-year-old woman.

Because Burdock is no longer considered a suicide risk, her cell is no longer monitored by video around the clock. She can now also have a ballpoint pen. She has so far been denied this because, according to the prison management, it could have injured her. Klette's lawyer Lukas Theune confirmed the prison relief. Klette has contact with other imprisoned women. “In her new cell, she no longer has perforated metal panels in front of the window that took away the daylight,” said Theune.

The Verden public prosecutor's office is investigating Daniela Klette and Burkhard Garweg and Ernst-Volker Staub, who have been wanted for more than 30 years, because of a series of robberies on supermarkets and money transporters. During the arrest in February, investigators are said to have discovered 1,2 kilograms of gold and 189.000 euros in bundles of cash and weapons in Klette's Berlin apartment. In addition to a P7 pistol from Heckler & Koch, another handgun comes from a 1984 RAF raid on a gun shop in Maxdorf, Palatinate, according to “Spiegel”. It is said to be a Walther P5, caliber 9mm Para. According to the report, the weapon was located in a wooden cabinet with a false bottom along with two filled magazines. The Federal Prosecutor's Office hopes that Klette's arrest will provide evidence of still unsolved murders by the third generation of the RAF.