Drug Commissioner recommends non-alcoholic beer during European Football Championship

Photo: Beer drinker (archive), via dts news agency

Berlin (dts) – At the start of the European Football Championship, the Federal Government's Drug and Addiction Commissioner, Burkhard Blienert, is calling on fans to drink non-alcoholic beer during the games. "You can certainly enjoy the usual drinks in a non-alcoholic version in the stadium, where there are often children and young people watching a game," Blienert told the "Rheinische Post" (Saturday edition).

At the same time, Blienert called for an end to alcohol advertising in football. "There must be an end to beer commercials during football broadcasts or the logo on the sponsor wall." The vast majority of the population does not want alcohol advertising during football. "Politicians can no longer ignore this and must recognise people's wishes in legal regulations." There must also be more open discussion about the connection between sport and addiction, "then many people will understand how advertising for alcohol on hoardings or on television can work."

Blienert continued: "We have a huge alcohol problem." He considers it particularly worrying that young people aged 14 and over are allowed to drink alcohol under supervision with their parents. "This regulation is unique in Western Europe." This also reflects the careless use of alcohol. "I therefore demand that supervised drinking be finally abolished," said Blienert.