“Drosten doesn’t even exist”

Berlin – “And this Merkel guy, Drosten, doesn’t even exist. No one has ever seen him and there is only one 'photo' of him. “They drew it on the computer,” explains one of the demonstrators to his neighbor, who agrees with him. Conspiracy theories like these are popular at the demonstrations of those who call themselves corona deniers, lateral thinkers or rebels. 

The police have cordoned off the intersection at Berlin's Jannowitz Bridge quite extensively and are ensuring that mouth and nose protection is mandatory. Net masks or similar are not accepted, certificates are carefully checked and sometimes not permitted. Participants who have a valid certificate must run at the end of the demonstration. This should make it easier for the police to identify violations of the mask requirement.

As with so many things, some participants directly associate this edition with the Chancellor. Many here believe that Angela Merkel has a personal hate against them and that the Corona measures worldwide only serve the purpose of annoying her personally. In this case, the argument is: Merkel would hate sick and disabled people so much that she would also call for the abortion of disabled children. Therefore, she now wants to separate the sick and disabled people in the demonstrations so that spectators can see them and kill them better “later”.

By 14.30:XNUMX p.m. a few hundred demonstrators had gathered, and the police were on site with many uniformed and civilian personnel to accompany the demonstration. The visible counter-protest consisted of three people on a traffic island who were instructed by the police to keep their distance from the demonstration.

The elevator itself started without any special incident. Quietly and with few signs, accompanied by more than a dozen journalists, the elevator moved towards Alexanderplatz. For journalists, the situation at these demonstrations has improved again. You could move freely between the participants. That was up past demonstrations always a problem.