Faber: Ukraine should be allowed to attack Russia

Photo: Marcus Faber (archive), via dts news agency

Berlin (dts) – FDP defense politician Marcus Faber is in favor of Ukraine being able to attack military targets throughout Russia with Western weapons. "If we hand over weapons, they will be Ukrainian weapons," the new chairman of the defense committee told the internet portal of the broadcaster ntv.

"What the Ukrainians do with Ukrainian weapons is Ukraine's business. They should abide by international humanitarian law. In other words, they should not commit war crimes. Not like the Russians, who are bombing apartment blocks in Kharkiv." But military targets are legitimate - "throughout Russia."

Accordingly, the FDP politician welcomed the permission to use Western weapons to attack positions on Russian soil that the Russians use for attacks. He also called on the federal government to supply Ukraine with the German Fuchs armored personnel carrier.

Meanwhile, Faber spoke out clearly against a new special fund to finance the Bundeswehr. "A new special fund would be catastrophic. We cannot sacrifice Germany's financial stability and sustainability." Russia will fail financially because of this war. "It can start up its war economy as much as it wants. It has the gross national product of Italy. With a significantly higher population." The country's own financial stability is very relevant for its readiness for defense, said Faber.