Green politicians call for rapid reform of abortion law

Photo: The Criminal Code in a library (archive), via dts news agency

Berlin (dts) – In the debate about a reform of the abortion paragraph 218, leading Greens in the states are increasing the pressure on the traffic light government in Berlin. This is reported by “Spiegel”.

In a joint motion, the Ministers for Equality Katja Meier (Saxony) and Katharina Fegebank (Hamburg) are calling on the federal government to legalize abortions in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. A "rapid revision of the legal requirements" is needed.

The motion is expected to be approved by a majority at the conference of equal opportunities and women's ministers from the states, which is meeting in Ludwigsburg on Thursday and Friday. The motion refers to recommendations that an expert commission submitted to the federal government in April.

The proposal from the states also stipulates that, in the course of legalization, there would be no obligation to seek counseling before an abortion. Instead, women should be given "the right to voluntary and free counseling." In future, health insurance companies should generally cover the costs of an abortion. "Consideration should be given" to making contraceptives "free of charge" for those with statutory insurance.

Saxony's Minister Meier told "Spiegel" that she hoped that the demands in the states' application would be "implemented quickly." People could "rightly expect us" that the expert commission's recommendations would "not be allowed to disappear into a drawer."

Hamburg Senator Fegebank said: "Women must be able to make their own decisions about their bodies and their future path in life." Germany may soon have the "strictest abortion law" in the EU. "That doesn't fit," said Fegebank.