Illegal lateral thinkers demo moves through Berlin

For the Whitsun weekend, lateral thinkers, anti-Semites and racists called for several demonstrations in Berlin under the motto “Whitsun in Berlin”. On the Internet and with flyers was advertised for weeks.

Auch the ban on demonstrations obviously did not impress the participants. In the various chat groups people called on people to ignore this and arrive anyway. While some of the participants tried to separate the camp of corona deniers and that of Holocaust deniers, other parts saw this as a common fight. In the relevant chats you read things like “But you also know that the Jews invented this shit? So no matter what you think about the Jewish plague, it just comes from there.” Others just wanted to “take part in the globalists’ grudges,” whereby “globalists” is a synonym for “Jews” in this scene. A third faction wanted to “finally bring Merkel to court (…) with a quick trial ;)”. This time too, Article 20 Paragraph 4 of the Basic Law was repeatedly referred to in advance: “All Germans have the right to resist anyone who undertakes to eliminate this order if no other remedy is possible.” – Many participants are still there convinced that Merkel is a dictator who is sometimes the daughter of Honkecker, sometimes the granddaughter of Hitler and continues their respective work. There would be no free elections and no other way to stop the “genocide of the Germans” than to “eliminate” the government. The theory that all Germans will be murdered in extermination camps and replaced by Syrian Muslims is now less popular. This theory lasted for years - but at some point even the last person had to realize that the result of this work could not be seen even after years and that there was something wrong with this theory.

“Pentecost in Berlin”

The big demo day should be Saturday, May 21, 2021. The police had brought together forces from several federal states and were able to get up to 3.000 emergency services onto the streets and helicopters into the air at the same time. Already in the run-up to the first rally they pick up two coaches and issued expulsions. In order to protect the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, it was fenced off and several dogs were used in the memorial.

With radio and control center

As with previous demos, there was a “headquarters” that “radios,” i.e. coordinates the ringleaders. They coordinated via radio about how to proceed, the locations of the police and the like. The whole thing isn't particularly secret, you can get the radios to listen to in a well-stocked electronics store and you could also see large parts of the agreements in the live streams of the participants. That's why we do it exactly the same way on demo days and follow radio and streams in order to coordinate on site.

It was discussed in front of the camera which groups would set off when and in which direction. For example, you could see how it was discussed in the Tiergarten that hundreds of people were now making their way to Potsdamer Platz and then towards Voßstrasse. For around fifteen minutes you could see how they independently closed the exit of the Tiergartentunnel and other streets. It seemed as if The police again didn't notice anything about this and was completely surprised by it.

This time too, there were small children in the front row. These should protect against the police and, in the event of an escalation, “provide good pictures”, i.e. pictures of injured children, which can then be used for your own propaganda. In this video For example, you can see a small child in a stroller being pushed towards the police line in the first row. 

Illegal demonstration through Berlin

When it became clear that there was no way through at Potsdamer Platz at the Voßstrasse/Ebertstrasse intersection, shortly after 15:00 p.m. the first groups were instructed to make their way to Alexanderplatz. However, they were later ordered back and were supposed to rejoin the main group, which now numbered around 2.000 people.

From 15:20 p.m. the police on Voßstrasse began taking the participants' personal details and took them away one by one for this purpose. On Ebertstrasse the collection was pushed back towards Potsdamer Platz. At 15:50 p.m. the ringleaders were told to lead the group eastwards along Leipziger Straße (i.e. towards Alexanderplatz). As the event continued, announcements were made by radio about the illegal demonstration around the police forces to guide you through the city.

The front of the demonstration was escorted by five civilian officers wearing “police” vests, but they did not intervene themselves. This is quite common in Berlin, as these are officers who constantly monitor the scene, recognize many actors directly and can assess the situation relatively quickly. They collect information, report the location, observe the individual people and thus help to have a permanent overview of this scene. Still a confusing picture for outsiders.

The demonstration included around 2.000 people without masks and without minimum distances. During the demonstration, people talked about how they wanted to “put Merkel before the people’s court” or “let the old lady get fucked properly.” One couple was annoyed that they “can’t even take down Antifa. I would have dismantled three or four of them,” and others are happy: “And the cops are on our side again – a clear view all the way to Moscow!”.

After around 15 minutes, the first police vehicle arrived at the intersection of Leipziger Strasse and Charlottenstrasse. This was blocked by two participants, one on crutches. The plainclothes officers intervened so that the police car could continue driving. From there there were a few police vehicles on the route (Friedrichstrasse, Bebelplatz, Oberwallstrasse), but the officers did not intervene in the incident.

The demonstration passed Bebelplatz. The place where the Nazis burned the books of unwanted artists and scientists. Today, an empty underground library commemorates that day. In the floor of Bebelplatz there is a glass plate through which you can look into the empty, white room. Some participants spat on the glass plate, others danced to the music they had brought with them.

At the level of the Berlin Cathedral, the illegal demonstration was finally led by a police car and the street was cleared towards Alexanderplatz. At this point, the demonstration was supposed to be led to Alexanderplatz by the ringleaders. Some police officers arrived on Spandauer Strasse and tried to stop the demonstration. However, there were too few police officers who were dropped off too early and were too slow with the heavy equipment to really catch up with the demonstration. The demonstration turned towards the Nikolaiviertel and the city palace, where the police tried again to stop it. Finally, part of the demonstration was stopped on a bridge on Fischerinsel. Around 50 people were arrested, everyone else scattered in different directions. A small part continued to move, unaccompanied and on the street, towards Potsdamer Platz. However, after this group split again and again, they moved on after more than an hour on the sidewalk. From then on, the previously large demonstration got lost.

The personal details of encircled demonstrators were gradually established. They were then sent off and told to leave the premises, which they often did not do. For more than thirty minutes, the police informed them of the expulsion, but only hesitantly followed it.

The narrative of the right

In these people's narrative, the state is weak and no longer able to act. To put this to the test, they test how capable he still is and to what extent he can exercise his monopoly on violence. This approach is reminiscent of the early days of the Nazis, which followed the same narrative and also tested the police's assertiveness. The demonstrations were banned because participants in the past did not adhere to the mask requirement and distances.

Now this scene could, how continuously for more than a year, without masks and without distancing, carried out a forbidden demonstration without the state preventing them from doing so. They ran around five kilometers in more than an hour. This corresponds to a usual demonstration route in Berlin Mitte. It is difficult to explain to these people that their narrative of a weak state is not true. The facts speak against it on days like these.