Left-wing demonstration against right-wing camp

Reich citizens, Holocaust deniers and Corna deniers have been camping around the Bundestag for more than three weeks. The police declared that the camp was illegal, the mayor of Berlin Mitte, Stephan von Dassel, had already declared it evacuated twice - but it is still standing. Yesterday anti-fascists demonstrated against the camp.

What happened until now

Since August 04, 2020, you can see on YouTube how the campers arrived in the government district and gradually set up on a meadow within sight of the Bundestag. From there they moved directly in front of the Reichstag building. When we were there on August 17th, there was a large stage and several tents right in front of the Reichstag building. Campers explained to us that the Holocaust never happened, that Hitler was a leftist and that the extermination camps were "Jews and Americans“built. The mayor responded on Twitter to the tip about who was gathered there, we would "Fake News" spread and it was evacuated immediately. Also he explained that he was now on site himself. That wasn't true, as he later explained. He was not there. The police arrived an hour later and drove off again. We asked the press office of the district office and the police what the situation was with this camp. The district office has not responded to this day, and the mayor of Mitte never tired of explaining that he had never received an inquiry. This is routine, we have been waiting for answers on another matter since 2018. 

The police press office immediately reported that the camp had previously been there illegally. “We are now pushing for eviction“ – but nothing happened. With black, white and red flags and lots of alcohol, the fight against the “Merkel regime" and the "Corona lie“ demonstrated. On August 20, 2020, the mayor of Berlin Mitte announced that evacuation would take place the next day. The campers explained that they would then move across the street and announced the new location in advance. 

Moving again

On August 22, 2020, the move took place to the previously announced location on the other side of the street, still with a view of the Reichstag building and the Federal Chancellery. The mayor explained that everything had now been clarified. When asked about this, he said that he was not responsible for the whole thing and asked that no questions be addressed to him.privates“To send Twitter profile. In the legal notice he is listed as mayor, as well as an email address for his party as a contact. The police also arrived at the new location after a short time - only to leave again. The police now announced that everything was approved. No one could say why the evacuation had not taken place beforehand.

“Alerta, Alerta, Antifascista”

On the evening of August 26, 2020, around 50 anti-fascist demonstrators gathered to support the camp “to pay a visit.” Since this had been announced in advance, a state security vehicle was already at the meeting point for the demonstration. That's nothing special in Berlin. You know each other by sight, you recognize the vehicles and the usual officials and demonstrators. The relationship is usually relatively relaxed and people observe each other. A bit like being on safari.

At around 19:30 p.m. the procession started moving with shouts of “Alerta, Alerta, Antifascista” and ran towards the camp with a “Game Over” banner. At that time, five journalists were already on site to get an idea of ​​the situation. The campers were worried about “Antifa” and the “black bloc,” which they believed wanted to murder them. A handful of state security officers, some completely in civilian clothes, some with “police” vests, stood between the fronts, which were a few meters apart. It quickly became clear: the demonstrators wanted to make a statement; a lynch mob would act differently.

What was somewhat bizarre about the encounter was that the accusations made against each other were the same: the other side was "Nazis,” who do not understand what is really happening and tolerate and cover up extremists in their own ranks. The demonstrating leftists were accused of being paid by Angela Merkel to “Fake protests“to stop. The campers' media team also specifically asked about the hourly rate for this work. The campers believe that the corona pandemic does not exist and that the federal government just made it up. Under the guise of the Corona lockdown, the population could then fight against “willing Foreigners" be replaced. Bill Gates invented the upcoming corona vaccination in order to implant chips into the heads of the entire world and then either kill them or control them remotely.

The demonstrators consider this point of view to be incorrect and accuse the campers of demonstrating with right-wing and right-wing extremists. One of the campers is a former NPD member. He explains that the NPD is a front organization for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. There was some agreement on both sides on this point. But not with the rest of the story: The NPD's idea would be to attract people on behalf of the federal government who are against the "Merkel regime" place. Then you could brand them as racists for the rest of their lives and silence them. Therefore, former membership in the NPD should be seen as a sign that you are a particularly experienced government critic and were simply too close to overthrowing the government by spreading the truth.

More police arrive

Little by little, around 40 police forces arrived, some with balaclavas, helmets and pepper spray in their hands. Little by little the demonstration was surrounded while the campers called their people back to the actual camping area. One of the police officers spoke to the alleged ringleader of the demonstrators and spoke to him for a few minutes. An orderly withdrawal was probably negotiated. It was explained that the camp with around 20 tents and anti-government banners within sight of the Reichstag was a registered event and that the police had to protect it.

After some negotiations, they decided to leave the premises peacefully and unitedly. The police explained to the right-wing campers that the police forces would ensure that the anti-fascist demonstrators actually moved away and that forces would then come to protect the camp.