Knife attacker is now out of danger

Photo: Police (archive), via dts news agency

Mannheim (dts) – The knife attacker from Mannheim's market square is now able to respond again in phases. He also reacts "to physical stimuli," writes the "Mannheimer Morgen" in its Tuesday edition, citing "medical circles."

According to the report, the Afghan Suleiman A. was in an artificial coma for almost three weeks after his alleged terrorist act. The man's doctors are currently gradually trying to wake him up, but according to information he is not yet fit to be questioned.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office, which took over the investigation after the incident on Mannheim's market square, refused to provide any information on the knife attacker's state of health when asked. A spokesman for Germany's highest prosecution authority, which assumes that the crime was "religiously motivated," said that they would not comment on his ability to be questioned "for tactical reasons."