Müntefering: SPD chancellor question still open

Photo: Olaf Scholz and Franz Müntefering (archive), via dts news agency

Berlin (dts) - Even though the SPD is currently nominating the chancellor, the question of chancellor for the coming federal election is still open, according to SPD veteran Franz Müntefering. There is “not yet an answer” within the party as to who will be the top candidate for the federal election in 2025, he told “Spiegel”. But he doesn't want to speculate, "in any direction."

There had recently been such speculation regarding the question of whether Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, who was popular in polls, should succeed his party colleague Olaf Scholz in the Chancellery early on. The relationship between the two was recently considered tense. Müntefering now cautiously dismissed the rumors. Such an important decision as to who will be running as candidate for chancellor is not simply announced like this: “These are processes that take place in the parties.” It is also being discussed in the SPD, “then we will see what result we come to “.

Müntefering had praise for both of them. Pistorius is doing “a good job” and is a “lifelike guy”. But one should not underestimate what achievement Scholz achieved in the Chancellery. “Olaf’s job is not easy,” says Müntefering, “he is the one who has to balance things out.”