Audit report will probably advise against outsourced asylum procedures

Photo: Asylum accommodation (archive), via dts news agency

Berlin (dts) – The German government plans to present an audit report this week that examines the question of whether it is possible to outsource asylum procedures to countries like Rwanda. And the result is likely to be negative.

From February to May, the Federal Ministry of the Interior interviewed 28 experts, including lawyers, government representatives, scientists and aid organizations. They were asked to prepare written reports and were interviewed in groups for many hours on five occasions.

As the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", NDR and WDR reported on Monday, citing 21 of these assessments, they paint a common picture: there are major doubts about outsourcing models such as those planned in Great Britain or Italy. The reason for the skepticism is legal concerns, but above all questions of cost and benefit. Asylum centers abroad, the majority of experts agree, are expensive and inefficient.

Only very few people could actually be brought abroad using such a construction. And that would only be if states could be found that would be willing to accept asylum seekers from Europe. However, many of those surveyed consider this unlikely. Last but not least, a majority of the 21 migration experts warn of the serious ethical, human rights and political consequences of such plans.

One of the crucial questions could not be answered in the review either: Would the prospect of being deported to another country actually deter people from fleeing to Germany? The report states that there is no evidence to date that the expensive relocation plans have a deterrent effect.