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Right-wing scene mobilizes for March 20th

As early as August 29, 2020, a coalition of neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, corona deniers and “lateral thinkers” wanted storm the German Bundestag. They had been undisturbed for weeks camped in front of the Bundestag and in their chats called for the murder of Merkel, the press and Jews and announced that they would storm the Bundestag. Their “tent city,” which the police press office described as illegal, became illegal Protected by the police against left-wing demonstrators. When the right-wing demonstrators finally tried to storm the Bundestag via the Reichstag steps, the police seemed surprised. Even more surprising, the entrance to the parliament building could only be held by three police officers. Within the right-wing scene, people were not satisfied with the result. After the US Capitol was stormed by armed forces on January 6, 2021 and there were shootings and deaths, people in Germany would also like to try again.

At past demonstrations, participants were asked to bring their children and hold a red balloon. This allowed other participants to recognize the position of children in the crowd. The children are supposed to serve as human shields whenever the police want to use pepper spray or water cannons. The fact that this tactic worked was regularly demonstrated in Berlin. The police's response to right-wing demonstrations is timid. When water cannons were used, they were only allowed to spray the demonstration from above - without gas. They call this right-wing tactic the “Dresden Model,” named after the Nazis who stayed in Leipzig and Dresden with their children in 1945, even though air raids on major cities had been normal for years. The idea was to be able to present yourself better as a victim of the “child murderers” later. This only works as long as you completely ignore the Holocaust in your own thinking - but it is still an important narrative in the scene today.

It is all the more surprising that current calls say: “We ask children, animals and pregnant women to leave at home.” More than twenty right-wing groups are currently calling for the rally on March 20, 2021. A bus company from Plauen is supposed to partially coordinate the journey. On the company's homepage, the trip to Berlin is offered for €35.

The demands that are currently being discussed in the relevant chats include the classics of the scene. For example, a demand for an end to the Second World War. In the eyes of these people Hitler was a leftist, who, together with Jews, built extermination camps for the so-called Aryan Germans. The Second World War never ended, but continued to take place in secret. Therefore there should be rallies in front of the American and Russian embassies. Another demand is the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany. As soon as the Second World War has ended, the occupying troops should withdraw. This refers to secret armies that are currently supposed to rule Germany.

Last but not least, people like the virologist Christian Drosten, the Chancellor Angela Merkel and the journalist Georg Restle should either be transported to extermination camps or hanged directly on site by the “People's Court”. At past events, the gallows were brought directly with them. In the eyes of the right, all of these people are continuing the Nazi regime, which from their point of view was a left-wing, socialist system. Therefore, all forms of right-wing extremists, including neo-Nazis, should be viewed as “rebels” who must liberate the country from the “Merkel dictatorship”.

All of this may seem bizarre and sometimes ridiculous, but it is serious. Various weapons and firearms were found at the previous demonstration. Last year these groups were repeated without masks and in thousands move through Berlin or camp for weeks in front of the Bundestag. They have become accustomed to the fact that their actions have no consequences. This also plays into their narrative that the state is weak and the government can therefore be overthrown using simple means.