Right-wing open demonstration by the Corona deniers

Berlin - Just a few years ago it was easy to tell the right-wing and left-wing demonstrators apart - if not necessarily by their clothing, then at least by the demands and the symbols used. Now everything has become more difficult.

Today tens of thousands of Corona deniers, right-wing hooligans, neo-Nazis and conspiracy ideologists marched through Berlin together. Here you could see how great the mobilization potential of this scene is. The day of action had been promoted by numerous groups across Germany for weeks. Up to 20 million demonstrators were announced in their own chats and photos of an alleged traffic jam more than 100 km long were posted.

Later the number of expected participants was corrected to 4 million; first 500.000 were registered and then only 10.000. The reason for the lower number of participants: Angela Merkel had the bridges to Berlin blown up by pioneers from the Bundeswehr. Others said Berlin was simply sealed off. There were also films about it - they were from the Berlin blockade in 1948. However, tens of thousands came - estimates put the number at 20.000 - 80.000 participants.

The flag of the German Empire was often seen at the demonstration, which is ironic on closer inspection. In the Empire there was a compulsory vaccination enforced by the police (since 1874). But there were also rainbow flags, the dove of peace and “Nazis out” signs – side by side with modified eagles of the NSDAP.

The demonstrators' logic is simple: The Nazi Adolf Hitler was a left-wing socialist who was the leader of Antifa. As such, he built the extermination camps together with German Jews in order to murder the remaining Germans. Only after the end of the war was this covered up by the Americans. Therefore, the right are the good guys and the liberators of Germany, while the left, green, Jews, Americans (except Trump) and foreigners are the bad guys.

So it's not surprising that the punk with the "Refugees Welcome“-Banner regularly”Nazis out“ was shouted. It's a very unique logic.

The counter-protest was organized in many ways along the route, but overall there was little. And he had no significant influence on the right-wing demonstration. They announced that they wanted to hold a “sit-in” all night long in front of the Chancellery and the Bundestag.