Saxony: Suspect arrested after death of nine-year-old

Photo: Arrest with handcuffs (archive), via dts news agency

Döbeln (dts) – A suspect has been arrested following the death of a nine-year-old girl from Döbeln in the Saxon district of Mittelsachsen. The suspect is a 36-year-old man, police announced on Friday.

According to reports, Czech police officers were able to meet the suspect in a Prague restaurant. The Moldovan national is strongly suspected of having violently killed the nine-year-old girl from Döbeln, according to investigators. The Chemnitz public prosecutor's office had applied for a national and European arrest warrant against the 36-year-old. He is to be transferred to Germany in the near future to conduct criminal proceedings for manslaughter.

An extensive search for the girl has been underway since the evening of June 3. The child's body was found in a forest at the beginning of the week. According to investigators, she died violently; there were initially no indications of a sexual crime.