Since the beginning of the war, 2.600 anti-Ukrainian crimes in Germany

Photo: Police car (archive), via dts news agency

Berlin (dts) - The Federal Ministry of the Interior has registered almost 2.600 anti-Ukrainian crimes against Ukrainians in the Federal Republic since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. This emerges from an answer to a query from left-wing politician Martina Renner, which the “Tagesspiegel” (Friday edition) reports on.

Accordingly, a total of 2022 crimes directed against Ukrainians in Germany were registered in 1.400. Last year there were around 1.000 cases. This includes 166 acts of violence. These mainly involve bodily harm crimes, but dangerous bodily harm has also been recorded again and again.

Left-wing politician Renner, who is also her party's domestic policy spokeswoman, told the “Tagesspiegel” that the federal government's figures were “shockingly high”. “People who are fleeing Putin’s bombs have to fear physical attacks here on a weekly basis.” According to Renner, a “strong and well-equipped civil society” is needed to protect people from hatred and misanthropy.