SPD wants to enable security authorities to combat terrorism with AI

Photo: surveillance camera (archive), via dts news agency

Berlin (dts) - In view of the threat situation, politicians are discussing more powers for the police and intelligence services. The SPD advocates the use of AI-supported facial recognition.

“Here, I would like to see the police have their own software products and a new standard of authority so that they can legally search for the faces of terrorists and murderers on the Internet,” said the criminal policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Sebastian Fiedler, to the “Handelsblatt”.

The occasion is the case of RAF terrorist Daniela Klette, who was tracked down by journalists by comparing photos on the Internet using AI software. The Green Party politician Irene Mihalic calls for a “serious” discussion now about what went wrong in the investigations against the RAF over the last 30 years “and which wheels did not mesh in the search.” “This also includes carefully discussing the advantages and disadvantages of technology that supports investigations,” the MP told the “Handelsblatt”. The FDP rejects the use of AI. “We liberals will prevent biometric mass surveillance through national legislation,” said digital politician Maximilian Funke-Kaiser.

The CDU domestic politician Alexander Throm, on the other hand, believes it is urgent to enable the German security authorities to access the latest technology in order to arrest serious criminals and terrorists. “This also requires the ability to examine publicly accessible data, such as photos on the Internet, using AI technology,” he said. This is “legally not succinct”. “But this should be made possible in the case of serious crimes and terrorism.”