And greetings every day...a demo

There are now daily demonstrations from the Reichsbürger/anti-Corona/lateral thinker scene in Berlin. The composition and demands vary, but there is a large overlap between the participants.

The Victory Column is currently a popular event location. In the middle of the Tiergarten, surrounded by tourists and Berliners on their way home, around 200 people gathered on Tuesday evening. As is often the case with these events, the big events failed to materialize. The journalists present chased after the few good pictures. “Superman's wife was apparently insulted and the police are currently filing a complaint“ – In this case, Superman is a demo participant in a similar costume. A little further on there is a commotion for a few seconds because a participant is said to have had a certificate taken away by the police, which is believed to be a forgery. 

At the event there are constant speeches from a wall, and several of our own cameras and cell phones are constantly streaming. In between, participants film themselves asking the police questions like: “Do you think this is still a democracy?“In the middle of it all is a team from the Welt/Sat.1/Pro7 group. The journalist conducts interviews and is also filmed by the participants. Even when the cameras are off, she chats with those around her. She routinely and professionally avoids questions about personal opinions while always asking her own questions. Exhausting, but worth it in the end if you're interested in the other person's thoughts.

Part of the usual playing at such events also includes taking photos of the journalists – “so we can put you on the wall later“My counterpart explains to me. There is a wall and we are both there. So why the person doesn't execute me here is unclear to me. Secondly, I already became shot at several times in his life. My experience tells me that this is not announced in advance.

But it is now part of good form on the other side. Even if you are photographed with a cell phone from 50 meters away. The police have now started to pay attention to journalists in such cases and have offered help. Not necessary in my case, but it shows how work is done more sensitively here too.

The evening ends, like so many in the past few days: the last speech has been spoken, everyone packs up, journalists say goodbye to the police: “See you tomorrow!