Union is considering banning Chinese components in the 5G network

Photo: cell phone transmission tower (archive), via dts news agency

Berlin (dts) - In the debate about the handling of critical IT components from China in the 5G mobile networks, the Union is calling on the federal government to also consider banning the network components. “The federal government has a legal obligation to ensure the security of the 5G networks,” said the economic policy spokeswoman for the Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Julia Klöckner, to the “Rheinische Post” (Friday edition).

“An examination of the risk of the security-relevant infrastructure is overdue.” The networks must be protected. “If network components can be exploited in the critical global situation, a ban must also be considered,” said Klöckner. It is important to differentiate depending on the component. Sovereignty must then be weighed against technological openness and security of supply. “If the federal government has the knowledge that Chinese components are an unacceptable security risk, the consequences must also be drawn,” said the CDU politician.

“We continue to see China as a partner, but we must not be naive: we must not build up vulnerabilities, especially in exposed areas. Anything else would be negligent. At the same time, the expansion of networks in rural areas must not come to a standstill,” continued Klöckner.