Wagenknecht wants to appoint Prime Minister in Thuringia

Photo: Sahra Wagenknecht (archive), via dts news agency

Erfurt (dts) – BSW leader Sahra Wagenknecht believes her new party is capable of assuming government responsibility after the state elections in Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg. In Thuringia, the BSW is even aiming to make its top candidate Katja Wolf the state premier.

Wagenknecht told the "Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland": "We are capable of governing. We have very competent people in the states. I have no doubt that we have good personalities who can take on tasks in a state government." Katja Wolf, the former Left Party mayor of Eisenach, "has many years of administrative experience, unlike the CDU's top candidate Mario Voigt," praised Wagenknecht. "She has what it takes to be a minister or even a prime minister - if we become stronger than the CDU, which would of course be the best thing."

Nevertheless, the BSW will go into the elections without a coalition statement, Wagenknecht told the RND. "We do not want to be in government at any price. We have to deliver if we govern. There has to be noticeable improvements for the people. Otherwise we would produce massive disappointment through a coalition and we will definitely not do that."

Wagenknecht announced that possible talks would also include Federal Council initiatives, such as “an initiative to exempt all statutory pensions up to 2.000 euros from tax”.