Military Commissioner relies on voluntariness in the conscription debate

Photo: Bundeswehr soldiers (archive), via dts news agency

Berlin (dts) - In the debate about a return to compulsory military service, the Bundestag's military commissioner, Eva Högl, is putting the brakes on. The SPD politician told Focus that future models should continue to focus on voluntariness and not coercion.

With regard to the troops, it must be clear that “the Bundeswehr does not need a whole class of young people”. Therefore, with a new model, only those “who are suitable and, above all, those who want to do it voluntarily” should join the troops.

For this to happen, the service must be attractive. “Incentives are also conceivable, such as start-up capital or advantages when looking for a training or study place,” said Högl. She advocates a model that also includes social, cultural and environmental involvement.